Attendwise digitizes your meetings and events

Attendwise is a Danish software company that specializes in digitizing meetings and events through the two software solutions: ConferenceCommunicator and Guestbook. Hereby, we offer several different digital tools for planning and executing meetings and events, both physically and virtually.

The focal point of ConferenceCommunicator and Guestbook is to make the attendance of meetings and events smart. Both for your guests, your participants and your sponsors and exhibitors - and for you as the host and organizer.

Our aim is that everyone should attend meetings and events in a smart and intelligent way. Physically as well as virtually.

With ConferenceCommunicator we offer:

An all-in-one event platform for planning and executing events such as conferences, trade fairs, networking events and customer-supplier events. Regardless of format - physical, virtual or hybrid.

We offer: 

  • An "all-in-one" event platform for managing your events
  • A platform for physical and virtual meetings & events
  • Event tools such as registration system and event app +
  • Matchmaking and booking of meetings +
  • Collecting material and information from your exhibitors

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With Guestbook we offer:

a digital guest registration app to register your guests when they visit your company, organization, office hotel, café or restaurant. By registration on a tablet or by the guest' s own smartphone.

We offer:

  • Quick registration by tablet or smartphone
  • Notification of a guest's arrival
  • Control of the logistics
  • Printing of name tags
  • Own look & feel

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Virtual or physical meetings & events?

Today, it is quite normal for you as a company and organizer to consider whether you should invite guests and participants to physical participation or to online meetings and events. There are benefits to both forms. Depending on the purpose

With Guestbook, you register the arrival of your guests and visitors in your company or organization when they come for a physical meeting. With ConferenceCommunicator, you use digital event tools to execute physical or virtual meetings and events.

What are smart meetings and events about?

There are many ways to hold smart meetings and events. With regard to ConferenceCommunicator, we talk about:


  • Sustainability
  • Saving time
  • Data security
  • Networking
  • Business

Hold sustainable meetings and events

Sustainable meetings and events have without a doubt come into focus in recent years. Replacing the printed program with event apps is certainly sustainable. As well as onsite printing of name badges with sustainable name badges and keyhangers.

Online meetings and events are sustainable when reducing transport activities. But saving time is, in our view, also sustainable. Using event technology like ConferenceCommunicator can be said to be sustainable in many ways.

Save time by using digital solutions

You save time by replacing manual tasks and processes with digital solutions. Especially when you use a unified system with many features like ConferenceCommunicator. You only have to familiarize yourself with one solution, and data is automatically connected. If you also automate the collection of information and material from your presenters and exhibitors by using ConferenceCommunicator, you all save time.

Focus on data security

As a software company, we naturally focus on data security. Guestbook and ConferenceCommunicator are both cloud-based solutions, that are hosted in the cloud on Attendwise's own dedicated servers at a Danish hosting center. Data is stored encrypted and sent through a secure SSL connection.

We recommend that you only obtain the necessary information through our systems and that you set them up to automatic delete the personal data after a certain period of time according to your privacy policy.

Offer opportunities for networking and relevant meetings

When you arrange larger meetings and events, you have a unique opportunity to create good networking opportunities for your participants and exhibitors. And who would not want to contribute to expanded networking and new business relationships?

With ConferenceCommunicator matchmaking and meeting booking tools, you make sure to create relevant meetings between your participants - as well as between your trade fair guests and exhibitors. Whether you hold physical or online meetings and events.

Increase your - and your exhibitors' - businesses

With ConferenceCommunicator you can increase your business' - directly or indirectly. You can sell tickets to your event, and you can make profit by selling banner ads and the Lead app to your exhibitors and sponsors.

You can spend more time on commercial activities when you use a digital solution to plan and execute your event . With data and statistics, you can give your exhibitors and sponsors insight into the participants' interest in their company and products. It gives your exhibitors relevant leads and new customers.